Partnership cooperation

Royal Consulting Inc is a young company in the consulting services sector. However, the company set ambitious goals to provide manufactures, industries, banks, and insurance companies to extend their business overseas. The company focuses on diffusing the innovations and solutions they already introduced in another space—that space we offer to gain from new promising untapped markets.

Central Asia is the Center of Asia and Europe, a new untapped and unexplored market with promising opportunities to expand the business and maximizing profits. Our team strives to create conditions and communication to create strong partnerships in business with businesses, government, and relevant, expand its presence, and create new products and services with added value.

It is a fact that companies will need every tool they have got to survive the downturn and rev up their businesses as the economy rights itself. They will have to rewire operations, reallocate resources, and in some cases, reinvent business models. Having various methods and forms of introducing a business model for a long time. The main fundamental areas of cooperation between the member countries of Central Asia and developed countries, including the United States, are the established strategic partnerships between these countries. 

For example, in February 1992, diplomatic relations between most Central Asia countries and the United States were established. With Uzbekistan, the fundamental document of Uzbek - American relations, which predetermined the establishment of qualitatively new and mutually beneficial relations in almost all areas, is the Declaration between Uzbekistan and the USA on strategic partnership and cooperation fundamentals, signed in March 2002. In addition, an expanded strategic partnership has been established between Kazakhstan as well, characterized by multifaceted interaction across the entire spectrum of bilateral relations on January 15-18, 2018. There was cooperation in 2002 in strengthening bilateral political relations between Tajikistan and the USA.

Having a solid legal basis for relations between these countries, representatives of the business elite have no restrictions in implementing large-scale mutually beneficial business.  According to the first half of 2021, only in Uzbekistan are 164 enterprises with American capital, and the overall volume of the USA investments in the Uzbek economy exceeded $ 1 billion.  Moreover, about 500 companies with American capital operate in Kazakhstan. At the same time, the USA is the largest investor in the Kazakh economy, with over $ 45 billion. In 2019, US investments in Kazakhstan set a new record, reaching $ 6 billion.

That is why the main strategies of Royal Consulting, Inc. are the logical continuation of the opportunities mentioned above. That is a cooperation between leading industries, companies, manufacturers of various businesses in the United States for their business presence and expansion in Central Asia.

Specifically, Royal Consulting Inc offers and is ready to form partnerships:

- Joint venture for mutually beneficial business cooperation;

- Business outsourcing for diligence;

- Consultant on Business cooperation;

- Collaboration to establish a business risk assessment;

- Collaboration on Marketing and Market Analysis, Research, and Development projects.