About Us

Royal Consulting, Inc. was founded under the laws of Virginia in the United States of America in November 2020. Royal Consulting, Inc. is an agent between leading industries and manufacturers worldwide, including the United States and emerging markets in the Central Asia region, to build a strong network of partnerships, attract new business initiatives and collaborate based on mutual trust. The key to the company’s competence is attracting foreign investments and continuously offering business-oriented professional consulting services.

The company focuses on providing audit and assurance services, commercial transactions and corporate restructuring, a range of legal and regulatory supports for the key businesses, and investment decisions for the following areas of business:
• Information and communication technologies
•  Agriculture and Food
• Tourism, Architecture and Construction
• Textile and Machinery industry
• Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry
Royal Consulting, Inc. aims to bridge foremost companies and manufacturers as a trusted business partner and confident investment advisor to establish their businesses in new markets by utilizing technologies and production capacities to maximize revenue and drive efficiency. 

The company’s specific and customized approaches include jointly establishing the partnership with particular businesses in the Central Asian region with potential investors and searching and building up cooperation with this partner, formulating the critical areas of business and fulfilling the tasks under collaboration, as well as performing the other duties of client-partners. Since its inception, the company has launched collaborative projects with several firms. Royal Consulting Inc. cooperates with GG Cargo, ZeroMax, Dana transportation companies in the United States. The main activities with these companies are outsourcing for legal support and doing business, joint partnerships in establishing companies in Uzbekistan for logistics services and creating new networks of the modern energy-efficient world-class automobile trade.

Our mission

We are continuously seeking leading companies and manufacturers worldwide to invite them into Central Asia to establish new businesses. We provide professional consulting services both individually and jointly to their businesses as a sharing partner. We strongly believe that the Central Asian region has a great potential to maximize the revenue.

Our team

Gafur M. Gafur, President of Royal Consulting, Inc.

    Gafur is the Entrepreneur, and President of Royal Consulting, Inc. Gafur is the founder of GG Cargo Group Inc., DANA Transportation Inc., and Zero Max Xpress, Inc.  Thanks to his ambitious business development drive, he has grown the company's assets tenfold over the past five years. One of the key strategic plans Gafur seeks is to create a solid foundation for expanding American business in Central Asia, attaching deep cooperation and value opportunities to increase additional benefits and values. From 2012 through 2015, Gafur served at the Ministry for Development of Information and Communication of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He was responsible for implementation the e-Government projects. From 2006 through 2012, he held the position of Marketing and Promotion, implementation value-added services at Uzbekelecom National Company. Gafur earned a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Uzbekistan, in 2006.


Karim M. Yusuf, Vice President of Royal Consulting, Inc.

     Karim M. Yusuf, Ph.D., Vice President of Royal Consulting, Inc., conducts market analysis and demand forecasting of technological innovations, cooperates with Government Authorities and business representatives in Central Asia markets on attracting investment projects, offers business investment projects for US business representatives to expand their presence in the Central Asian markets. From 2017 through 2020 studied at the Graduate Program of Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program, College of Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea. From 2012 through 2017, Karim held the Head of Department for Education and Development Personnel in ICT at the Ministry for Development of Information and Communication of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Before joining the Ministry of ICT of Uzbekistan, Karim served as the Marketing and Media, Corporate and Securities, and Investment, marketing, financial planning and analysis, and investor relations at Uzbektelecom National Telecommunications Company.


Dilafruz Gafur, Business Development Manager of Royal Consulting, Inc.

    Dilafruz is a Business Development Manager for the CIS and Central Asia. She is responsible for coordinating the activities of representative offices abroad and cooperates closely with local authorities and entrepreneurs to develop investment projects' potential. Currently, she is implementing the creation of a Representative Office of Royal Consulting Inc in Uzbekistan. Dilafruz earned a Master’s degree in Finance from the Tashkent Institute of Finance, in 2010.


Otabek Y. Olimjon, the Head of Royal Consulting, Inc. in Uzbekistan

Mr. Otabek represents the overall coordination of investment projects to investors through mutually beneficial partnerships between foreign businesses and government agencies. He develops the business idea to the actual implementation of promising business projects via practical project assessments strategies. He closely interacts with the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade and cooperates with government agencies and business representatives to attract investment projects in Uzbekistan. Born in 1979, he holds a master’s degree from the Higher School of Strategic Analysis and Forecasting of Uzbekistan. Mr. Otabek joined Royal Consulting Inc in September 2021.  From 2001 to 2021, he worked as an economist at the telecommunications company Uzbektelecom.